Tuesday, August 17

dessert, anyone?

Friends. I must tell you about one of the most fabulous outings of my life! 

Last Thursday afternoon, my sister-in-law, her girlfriend, and my sister made the little trip to Denver from Fort Collins. We had big plans to go to to the D Bar in Denver!!! I had heard amazing things about this place, and we wanted to get in on that sweetness action. This Dessert bar is owned by Keegan Gerhard - Food Network's Challenges - here he is:

Recognize him?
Well...he was actually THERE while we were eating! 

I said hi...and I was kind of awkward about it. But I wasn't nearly as excited as Tyler (he LOVES Food Network!)

So cute :)

Anyway, on to the delicious desserts!
This was Tyler's - the Cake & Shake {omg can you say DELECTABLE?}

Lindsey & Nic's dessert - Brownie Sundae {So perfectly warm and gooey!}

Erin's dessert - Banana Split {with a sugary crunchy layer around the bananas and raspberry ice cream! YUM!}

And my dessert - Vanilla Creme Brulee! {The creamiest goodness you'll ever taste}

Linds and I enjoyed a vanilla latte after our desserts...and I must say we were all VERY happy campers!

Not only do they serve delish dessets, they have regular meals, too! They also make custom-ordered cakes {hint hint I want one for my bday!!!} and the cutest and most beautiful little chocolates! Perfect little gifts! All-in-all, such a fun evening!!! I recommend it, for sure!

***Oh, and don't worry. With my food splurges come good workouts still. Yesterday I did 9.2 miles! I haven't run that much in a few years! I am very proud of myself :) Over 2/3 the distance to that 13.1 half-marathon and I still have 2 months to train!!!***



  1. um, YUM!! Your creme brulee looked amazing! I think I'm going to have to give this place a try someday. :-)

  2. Okay, so I will admit that my mouth was watering with looking at those pictures. I will have to definitely go there VERY SOON!!


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