Saturday, June 2

too good not to share

Alrighty folks --- a little Staycation break for you had to happen so that I could share with you 2 AMAZING recipes we have tried lately! 

Tonight, we had: 
Asian Rice and Vegetable Bowls with Eggs and Chili Sauce
I know, the name of the meal is more than a mouthful, but it is totally yummy! Courtesy of Real Simple magazine (February, 2011)
Serves 4| Hands-On Time: 15m | Total Time: 1hr 10m
Asian rice and vegetable bowl and chili sauce



  1. Cook the rice according to the package directions. In a small bowl, combine the sweet chili sauce, Sriracha, sesame oil, and vinegar; set aside.
  2. Meanwhile, heat oven to 450° F. After the rice has been cooking for 25 minutes, place the broccoli, bell peppers, and carrots on a large rimmed baking sheet; toss with 2 tablespoons of the canola oil. Roast, tossing once, until tender, 20 to 25 minutes.
  3. Heat the remaining teaspoon of canola oil in a large nonstick skillet over medium heat. Crack the eggs into the skillet and cook, covered, 2 to 3 minutes for slightly runny yolks. Serve the vegetables and eggs over the rice and drizzle with the sauce.

Nutritional Information Per Serving: 

Calories 244, Fat 16g, Sodium 848mg, Protein 12g, Carbohydrate 42g, Sugar 11g

2 weeks ago we tried making lettuce wraps for the first time! We found this recipe online, and tweaked it a bit to be a little more our style. The result was DELICIOUS - and I would say on par with PF Chang's lettuce wraps! Much healthier, too!

Asian Turkey Lettuce Wraps ---

1 tbsp peanut oil
1 onion (chopped)
1 14 lbs ground turkey (lean)
12 cup sauce (purchased asian peanut)
1 tbsp hoisin sauce
1 tbsp soy sauce (additional, dipping)
1 cucumber (peeled seeded chopped about 1 14 cups)
13 cup fresh mint (coarsely chopped, small, sprigs)
12 butter lettuce (leaves) 
chopped green onions - sprinkled 
sriracha or any other spicy sauce - add if you like it spicy! 
1. Heat peanut oil in heavy large skillet over medium-high heat. Add onion and sauté until beginning to brown, about 3 minutes. Add turkey and sauté until brown and cooked through, breaking up with back of spoon, about 7 minutes. Add peanut sauce, hoisin sauce, and 1 tablespoon soy sauce; heat through. (Can be made 8 hours ahead. Cover and refrigerate. Reheat in microwave or skillet, adding water by tablespoonfuls to moisten if necessary, before continuing.) Stir in cucumber and chopped mint. Season with salt and pepper.
2.  Transfer turkey mixture to medium bowl. Place mint sprigs and lettuce leaves on platter. To make wraps, spoon turkey mixture onto lettuce leaf, add a few mint sprigs and green onions, fold in sides over filling, and roll up. Pass additional soy sauce/sriracha alongside wraps for dipping.

Nutritional Information Per Serving:
Calories 304, Calories from Fat 14, Total Fat 16g, Sodium 559mg, Sugars 7g, Protein 26g


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