Wednesday, February 23

what do you get when a truck full of trash runs into a truck full of glitter?

Yes, the answer to the blog post title riddle is a KE$HA concert!!!

Just thought I would share with you some of the fun pics from last Satuday! I had soooo much fun glittering myself head to toe to ready myself for this concert!

Thanks for the tix, sisterrrr!!!
 With my boo.
 Get glam.
 Fun fact: I wore these same rhinestones in junior high! Yep, I have the same little baggie filled with these sparkly gems. And I wore them across my eyelids or next to my eyes just on my random day at school! Haha.
 We are rockstarzzzz.
 Hair and bodies --- SOAKING wet from the freezing sleet that rained on us outside in line for an hour!
 Ke$ha with the glitter gun!!!
 She shot glitter into the air at us! It was all my wildest dreams come true!!!
 This concert was soooo high energy! It was a blast to be a part of! And it was at an intimate venue --- the Fillmoore, so we were close to the party! Lots and lots of fun was had!

And since this post is about glitter...take a look at my tinsel extensions I got last week! They are SO much fun!!!

Cheers! And glitter :)


  1. I remember your rhinestones from walking to school together in junior high!! lol, I always loved them. And, I love the tinsel extension.

  2. Glitter? That's my kinda concert!


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