Wednesday, February 23

twenties girl

I bring you my 4th book review of 2011 {I start school in June = free time is ending for 3 years, so I'm trying to pack as much fun reading in now!}. 

Last night I finished Sophie Kinsella's Twenties Girl. At first, I wasn't so sure I was going to like this book. But by the end, I adored the characters, and even found myself thinking about something in a new way. 

Lara Lington is a twenty-something girl looking to find meaning in her life. She thinks she's found it with Josh, a guy who seems perfect to her, but is there really love between them? She has risked everything by starting a business with her best friend --- who has abandoned her and left her in a mess! Lara is at her great aunt Sadie's funeral, an 105-year old woman whom she never met, when the Sadie's ghost appears to her in her 23-year-old form! For some reason unbeknown to Lara and Sadie, Lara is the only person who can see and hear Sadie. Sadie is desperately trying to get Lara to stop the funeral, saying she can't rest until she is reunited with an important necklace. Although Lara feels like a crazy person, she stops the funeral, making a ridiculous accusation as an excuse. This is the beginning of Lara and Sadie's adventure together. They make quite a pair, being completely opposite and always bickering. Along the way, Sadie shows Lara how love, fashion, and dancing was done in the 1920s. And a family secret is unveiled during the search for the necklace. 

If you like Sophie Kinsella, you should read this book. It's not as good as the Shopoholic books, in my opinion, but it's fun :) And it left me thinking about what types of personality and history can be hiding withing the mind of the uber elderly. Because although Sadie appeared uninterested in anything during her last years of life, inside was always her 23-year-old flapper-girl self, dying to go dance the Charleston with a sizzling man!

What have YOU been reading lately?
I'm really going to try to read The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo now. I've tried twice and given up after 50 pages, but I'm really going to give it one final read! 


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