Tuesday, February 8

snow, myfitnesspal, and toms

Happy Tuesday! 

If you're in Colorado, you woke up this morning with a soft blanket of fluffy snow covering everything in sight! The puppies woke me up early so I pulled on my boots and hit the shovel. Evil Neighbor Naggie was shoveling outside, too. That betch. On a more positive note, on mornings like this morning, I'm pretty thankful we have a small patio to shovel off, and maintenance to do the front for us! 

I want to share with you a REALLY neat website I've started using! It's myfitnesspal.com, a free calorie counter/diet and exercise journal! For years I have kept a little food/exercise journal. I keep it in my purse and I find it useful to track my eating habits. But this website is awesome! It took like 5 seconds to make an account, all they need is an email address, and it's totally free. You enter your weight loss goals, and it gives you a calorie/day allotment, but it never suggests under 1200 calories. It has a huge food database so if I enter that I ate a "Wasa cracker", I can choose the exact kind and it knows the nutritional information on it. So neat! And it also calorie estimates for energy expended. Like this morning, I put in that I "shoveled snow" for 13 minutes, and it said I burned approximately 83 calories! Neat! And as a funny little perk, you can also add friends on it. A couple of girls from my work are on it, so we can see when someone has done an activity or met their weight loss goals, etc. It's motivation to see when someone else just logged a work out! Anyway, I have been finding this website really useful, and I hope you do too!

Lastly, I wanted to share with you a cool giveaway a fellow blogger is doing. Elizabeth over at Musing Experiences is giving away a pair of Toms! How neat :) I've never had Toms, and I'd *LOVE* to win a pair! They are for such a great cause! The pair I like are the Pomegranate Corduroy ones! They're cute!

Hope everyone is staying safe and warm in all this weather! I am thankful for my home and my living space heaters {puppies} today! My heaters even smell good because they got baths last night!

I am going to have a get-things-done-around-the-house kind of day. Prepping for my big Wine & Cheese party I'm hosting this Saturday! My birthday is next Weds, so I'm having a birthday/Vday party and I'm so excited for it! I got the CUTEST black sparkly poofy skirt strapless party dress yesterday! Can't wait to show you pictures :) Also some On Demand Yoga is on the schedule, and making a Spinach Quiche! Ambitious, I know. 



  1. I am going to try that website out!! I need it. Thanks for blogging about my give-a-way!

  2. Thanks so much for your sweet comment! I am a new follower. I can't wait to try some of these recipes. I look forward to reading more. Congrats on your weight loss. Keep up the hard work!


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