Monday, August 19


I'm embarrassed. It's been almost 5 months since my last post! YIKES, that's bad. I have ***so*** much to catch you all up on! Naturally, I shall start with a book review (#4 of 2013)...

I read the book Shine by Lauren Myracle in May. 

You know those books that just touch you to the core, and ignite in you the desire to help the world be a better place? Shine was one of those books for me. Shine takes place in a small, tight-knight, intolerant community in the South. The story follows the antagonist, Cat, as she reels from the news that her best friend was brutally attacked for being gay. Cat works diligently to try to solve the mystery of who in her community would take intolerance that far. With the gossiping religious folk in her community thinking that victim deserved his attack as punishment for his sins, Cat doesn't have much support in her quest. But when Cat uncovers a rampant meth use problem amongst her peers, some of the most unlikely people become suspects. 

This story is a mystery and coming of age story all at once. It addresses the monstrosity that is meth, and how drastically it impacts individuals and communities. It doesn't shy away from the theme of hate crimes, and the fact that it is an unfortunate reality still in 2013.

This book encouraged me to not give up on the world. Instead of shaking my head in shame at the horrific things that occur every day worldwide, I need to keep trying to be a part of the solution to the world's problems. Lofty goals? Yes. Cliche? Yes. Heartwarming and empowering? Also, yes.

For a powerful and sobering read, please check this one out. 

Cheers (and check back for a real life update on me, not just my reads)

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