Tuesday, August 20


Tonight, I finally finished Dan Brown's latest installment, Inferno. I have been carrying around my copy of Robert Langdon's latest adventure since May, when the novel was released. For some reason, it just took me forever to get through! I suppose it could have something to do with my end-of-may Vegas vacation (no time for reading when you're busy sunning and drinking), and my "full-time job" (for which I am paying a hefty price to do) called 3rd year clinicals. Alas, I have finished it (and with this book, I have finished my 5th book of 2013 --- in case you didn't know, I have a personal goal of reading 12 books this year). 

I'm glad Dan Brown decided to stick with Robert Langdon for his protagonist in this story. In Deception Point and Digital Fortress (in which Langdon was not a character), I just pictured Robert Langdon as the protagonist anyway. It's just easier this way. 

This novel follows Langdon, a symbologist/art history nerd who teaches at Harvard, as he gets involved in an international life-and-death quest involving a brilliant lunatic of a genetic scientist. Naturally. As far as Dan Brown's novels go...this was not his best work. My enjoyment of Dan Brown novels goes in this order:

Angels & Demons > Da Vinci Code > Deception Point > The Lost Symbol = Digital Fortress = Inferno

In my (humble?) opinion.

However, if you're a Dan Brown enthusiast, you should probably just go ahead and read this. It's got adventure, art, architecture, mystery, bloodshed, and of course there's a girl. There's always a girl. Robert Langdon shows regular nerds out there that you don't have to be James Bond to always have a hot girl as your sidekick.

Grade: C+ / B-

Have you read this book? What did you think?
What are you reading lately? I need some amazing books on my "to read" list :)


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