Thursday, June 9

been missing you :)

Hello, friends!!! {new and old :) }

I apologize for my blogging hiatus --- seems to be a problem of mine lately! It has been crazy in my life lately! Neighbor issues {to put it mildly}...which I didn't want to vent about here, so I kind of avoided my blog altogether I suppose. Apologies --- I hope you forgive me :)

I had my LAST day of work on May 27th! With that last day came a lot of mixed emotions. I felt sadness that I wouldn't be working where I did anymore --- because I have never had a job where I learned so much and also made such incredible friends. I love my Rose girls deeply :) They are such a wonderful team, and I will miss them dearly. Another aspect to moving on from one chapter in life is the fear that you won't be able to maintain those bonds you made previously. I sincerely hope I am able to remain friends with these crazy girls, because my life wouldn't be the same without them!

While I was sad, I have to admit that it was also pretty awesome to be done with work! I was eagerly anticipating the start of PA School! Some days my nerves got the best of me, but I knew I was working toward the career I want. For those of you who don't know, PA is Physician Assistant. They are comparable to NPs {Nurse Practitioners}, and work with physicians in any setting you could possibly imagine. Chances are really really good that you have seen a PA at least once in your Doctor's office, and you probably didn't even know it {often people assume PAs are MDs}! Anyhoo :)

I had orientation last Thursday and Friday, and then really got into my classes on Monday! I have successfully made it through my first week, and it was HECTIC! But exactly what I signed up for :) Anatomy is I.N.T.E.N.S.E. Along with my other 3 lab partners, we have a total of 10 weeks to dissect a human cadaver from head to toe. Did I mention it's face-paced? Thus far it has been an incredible experience. Body bits and formaldehyde aside, it's super fun! I am pretty excited to have the opportunity to do this. All of my new classmates {class of 44, 38 girls : 6 guys} are awesome, and I think we're going to be a tight-knit crew, whether we like it or not, here pretty quickly! 

So I will be mad crazy woman busy, immersed in anatomy, for the next 9 weeks. And I'm sure my "summer" will fly by in a flash! But I think blogging gives me a minute to slow down, organize my thoughts, and put things into perspective. So I hope I take the time to do it :)

Along with the start of PA school came a sad goodbye --- to cable television, on demand, and my dvr. If you know me, you know I'm a girl who has MY SHOWS! In the last 2 years while my husband has been diligently studying to become a doctor, I have been working 3 nights/week as a CNA...and then not a whole lot else. Which gave me lots and lots of time for mah showwzzz. I love TV. Like seriously. But I knew that once I started school: A) I wouldn't realistically have the time to watch tv. B) If I did find the time to watch tv, then that meant I was using it as a distraction tactic. And that = fail. So I decided to get rid of it all together. Yeah like we don't even have our digital converter set up. I literally haven't watched tv since May 31st. I feel like a recovering addict or something...

So that's a little update in my life! The dogs are definitely pissed that I'm in school for 9 hour days, because up to this point they have been ridiculously spoiled when it comes to having mom or dad at home with them. With Tyler home at night, and me home at day {I worked nights, remember?} they rarely had to be alone! So they are coping by being leechpuppies as soon as I come home from school and digging up the backyard while I'm gone. Thank goodness our backyard sucks and only has rocks, dirt, and that poor poor tree {the one Penny destroyed last summer...}. So I don't really care if they dig. 

But I just wanted to update everyone since I got a few comments from friends along the lines of "Where the hell have you been on your blog?" and "I miss reading your blog!" :) I'm alive and well, just busy! 

I did finish reading the book Shanghai Girls last night, and I also want to share our INCREDIBLE {I simply cannot be modest in this instance} potato green chili recipe with you. I have been craving it, and my wonderful husband made it for me for dinner last night! What a catch :) So stay tuned for my recipe and book review post tomorrow!

What have YOU been up to this summer?
Cheers to our new experiences :)


  1. Wow, your schedule overwhelms me. =)
    I've been dying to hear how the neighbor situation has been going but I know you have been too busy to be on here much. Good luck with your summer studies!

  2. I was wondering about the neighbor sitch too, but after reading on facebook, maybe its best to wait awhile:) Yikes, is all i have to say! i thought of you too because my new neighbor is being a lot as well!
    I'm excited for you that you started school, although it totally sounds stressful. At least with this weather you can be studying by the pool while you get a tan!!
    Keep up the posting when you can!

  3. Welcome back, love! I'm with Courtney and Caitlin on wanting a Naggie update...I guess I could always call you. lol. Also, please do share the potato green chili recipe because it sounds devine! :-) It sounds like you're starting to get settled into your crazy new schedule and I am so happy for you! We'll date it up soon.


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