Monday, May 2

update + funny puppy video!

First of all: finally, at loooong last I have finished The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest, the third book in The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo series. I think you've probably seen my reviews on the first two installments, and I was less than impressed with them. I figured I ought to finish off the series though, considering the second book ends in the middle of some pretty good action.The third book follows Lisbeth Salander during her recovery from brain surgery and as she tries to prove her innocence in the crimes she was arrested for in the second book. She and Michael Blomkvist are ruthless in the tactics they use to bring down a corrupt secret political agency responsible for stealing years of Lisbeth's freedom and life from her. This book was my favorite of the three, and I'm glad I read the series so that I could have an opinion on them. Definitely not even on my Top 20 favorite books. And I'm proud to say I have now completed 7 books thus far in 2011. Beating my one book/month goal, which is good considering I'll be up to my ears in medical books come June! I'm sure I'll fall behind on my leisure reading soon enough...

As for my impending doom, I mean education opportunities...I am super nervous yet excited for what is to come! It is now May...which means I start school next month! June 1 I will start the path to become a Physician Assistant! All my textbooks have arrived, my order for medical equipment is in...eeeek!

Anyhoo. Stressful future-life-ahead-of-me aside...Tyler and I celebrated our wedding anniversary last week! He had a long day at the hospital {3rd year medical student on his neurology clinical rotation}, but when he got home we went to the gym and then went to Lala's Wine Bar & Pizzeria --- one of our favorite Denver restaurants! We love it there! Casual yet delicious, affordable yet divine! Mmmmm. The restaurant even comped our dessert since it was our anniversary :) Here are some pics from our date night out!

Wine flights for $12 --- yes please!

Cheese & Salami Plate. Salivating right now.

Also, a funny update on the puppy front. My coworker gave me an educational treat-dispensing toy for dogs. Her cute little pug didn't like it so much, so it was gifted to my furbabies! We originally thought Gryffin would be all over it, since he likes to be such a busy guy all the time...but turns out Penny was the one who was ALL ABOUT IT! Haha. She is obsessed. Here is a video of her playing with this toy for the second time.
I think she needs to go a few steps up on the difficulty level! Do any of you have toys like these for your dogs? Which brands/ones would you recommend? 

Hope you all are having a great start to May and I hope you all have very blessed weeks!
Cheers ---


  1. Just wanted to wish you Happy Anniversary (again). You are one of my fave couples! What an amazing 2 years it has been - wow! Congrats!



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