Sunday, August 19

DIY mixed media paintings

Hello, friends!

Finally, a non book review post ;)   Although, I am working on 50 Shades of Grey and Francesca's Kitchen, so hopefully I will have a few reviews for you soon!

I have enjoyed my summer to the fullest! I have laughed with family, played with babies, filled up on amazing food, caught up on films, become one with nature, worked out my body, had dates with my husband, snuggled with my puppies, found peace at church...

I finally feel whole again

Last year (my first year of grad school) was detrimental to my well-being. While I gained immense knowledge, and am eager to pursue my career as  Physician Assistant, year 1 was no easy task. I spiraled into dark places of despair, sadness, and faithlessness. It wasn't pretty. I am hoping and praying with all of my being that I am able to face this school year more prepared than last year. I have fought to find myself, to remind myself of the critical nature of maintaining a balance between the work we love and the life we live. I never again want to be in that frame of mind. 

One of the important things I did for my sanity and happiness this summer was paint. I love art, have never claimed to be spectacular at it, but it makes me smile to create something unique and beautiful. 

I decided to try my hand at mixed media art this summer, starting with this piece I created for my best friend's nursery. She is having her sweet Baby Girl on September 1st, and the Little One needed a special creation for her bedroom. Here is what I made:

This painting is made from: acrylic paint, glitter in some of the flowers and on the tree (just sprinkle on the wet paint and it sticks!), gem stones outlining the cloud (self-adhesive), an oil paint heart for texture, feathers for owl and bird wings (glued on with rubber cement), printed ribbon to make the green bird (cut in the shape of a bird and glued on with rubber cement), and flower stickers for the 2 small pink flowers (self-adhesive). I am very happy with how this turned out, and I can't wait for Baby Girl to come into this world!

My second piece of art this summer was created for my little sister's new dorm! This was made so that her good dreams can be harnessed and become inspirational to her consciousness upon waking, and that her bad dreams can be trapped and removed from her mind. Here is her Dreamcatcher:

 This piece was made with acrylics, glue/glitter for the central portion of the dreamcatcher (draw the design with regular Elmer's glue, glitter, and let it dry!), and feathers (glued on with rubber cement so it dries clear). It was super fun, reminds me a lot of my sister, and I hope it brightens up her dorm room :)

What inspires you?
What brings you peace?
What makes YOU smile?

Thanks for stopping by --- Cheers :)

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  1. That painting you did for Sydney's nursery is adorable! Good job!


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